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What is the quality of people you employ?

The quality of a software development company is ultimately the quality of its people.
* Our resources are good at communicating with clients both verbal and written.
* Most of our employees are Graduate/Post-Graduate Engineers with multiple years of industry experience, or are outstanding new engineers.
* Most people are from premier engineering institutes or have proven exceptional abilities.

What industries do you specialize in?

We take pride in our ability to learn the fundamentals of virtually any industry or technology quickly. Some of the markets we have served include Internet/e-commerce, telecommunications, distance education/e-learning, real estate, financial services, healthcare services, manufacturing, retail, food service, consumer products, media and entertainment, artificial intelligence, enterprise software, insurance, energy, and networking.

How many development resources do you usually assign to a project?

The number of resources employed for a project depends entirely upon the scale and complexity of the project. For example – we allocate two developers, one tester and a part-time UI designer for a small project. In addition, each project will have a Technical Architect, Business Analyst and Project Manager. We can increase the number of resources depending upon the customer/project requirements.

Where are your application development centers based?

We have multiple development centers in India, including Chennai and Madurai.

Do you have references?

Certainly. We would be pleased to introduce you to our past clients. However, in order to respect the time and generosity of our past clients, we provide references as the final step before you sign the engagement document.

Do you provide fixed or T&M based software development process? What makes the difference and which model suits me?

We provide both fixed and T&M based software development process. For fixed development, we shall define and freeze scope with the resources, timeline and cost. This shall not change till the project ends and goes to go-live stage. Whereas in T&M based, we shall have to allocate the dedicated resources based on hourly rate till the completion of project.

We can select the compactible model only based on the project requirement and size.

Do you charge any additional costs in your pricing?

We shall not charge any additional cost apart from the bank/transaction fee or freelancer site charges that will be incurred by you during payment. The cost of any third-party software or API require for the project shall be borne by you.

Also, we use Standard Development Environment for project with Pivotal Tracker, Dreamweaver, MS Visual Studio or MS Visio and this software do not affect the project cost. Whereas in case, you need us to use any particular tools for project, it shall be included in the estimation and we can discuss on it further to make such decisions.

How does payments work?

Payments are linked to milestones and we will define that as part of the proposal/SOW (Statement of Work). There will be nominal kick off fee but the successive payments will be against accomplishment of milestones and you will pay for what you get. We accept payment through wire transfers and PayPal.

Does Project Estimation include cost for Requirement Analysis, Project Management and Maintenance?

We do not charge for analysis and management normally, but in case of huge project we charge a minimal cost for the process. Also we provide 60-days of free maintenance and support for successfully launched project. Post maintenance and support duration, we charge $12 per hour for maintenance.

How do you provide Project Estimates and Project Schedules?

Prior to the Project Initiation, we involve in comprehensive requirement analysis and defining scope along with creation of work-break structure and effort estimation. We have a team of Technical Leads and Business Team for project analysis and estimation. Also based on the effort estimation, we shall define the development phase as well as the project delivery requirements.

What are the processes that are covered in the end-to-end service provided?

OptiSol shall provide application development service with the specialized features that can actually communicate the aim of the specific business all in a customized manner. Along with the development process, we provide Project Management, Quality Assurance, Coordination and Support for the solution.

What are value differentiator that make OptiSol unique than other service providers?

* Competitive pricing and support leveraging our onsite-offshore delivery framework
* Comprehensive one stop IT solution provider for your Social – Mobile – Analytics – Cloud needs on Business/Technology/Outsourcing platforms
* Our expertise in service offerings from Concept Development to MVP Development to commercialization with industry expertise
* Our Agile Development Methodology with transparency in execution and process excellence
* Quality Management System driven by CMM Standards

Do Offshore Development works for me? Can I trust the IT firm without meeting them?

The software development process and methodology will be same around the world and OptiSol also follows the same industry standard for development. As a country, India has proven track record when it comes to IT services and outsourcing. We are part of the NASSCOM which is largest association for IT services companies in India and we have gone through multiple due diligence before getting inducted. You can talk to our referrals from different parts of geography to alleviate your concerns. .

Will the idea/specifications/data stay safe? How do you ensure protection of my Intellectual Property (IP)?

We are good to get into NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) before sharing your idea and any documents. We have internal NDA with all our employees that will bind them to keep every information confidential. We can share the NDA of every team participant if you are interested to review.

What are the details you need in the requirements for my project?

It would be prefect if you provide us the elaborated RFP document which shall help us analyze the requirement and project in a better and comprehensive way. Whereas if you do not have the RFP, we request you to provide as much specifications as possible and our business consulting team will work on the requirement and come out with a detailed proposal that includes scope, use cases and solution architecture. We will get these validated and will work on the final proposal that includes technology stack, project management planning, schedule and commercials.

We are good to sign NDA before you share the specifications.


How often can I view the project progress and status? Do you provide daily progress reports outlining the completed as well as outstanding work?

We shall update the releases of application to shared GitHub account along with Comments/Notes to provide insight on improvements. Also, we shall schedule a daily standup meeting with the Project Team for discussing the issues and releases. There will be weekly releases of the working application and we will schedule regular demos to walk through the application.

What is your Engagement Model during Project Development Process?

* Establish Project Management Office – define a project management office that includes representation from OptiSol and Client to define and track goals set for project on varying time – window basis. Will define the project KPIs and establish metrics to track performance of the project against these defined KPIs
* Communications Planning – determining information and communications needs of project stakeholder and making needed information available to project stakeholders in timely manner
* Communication Infrastructure – making availability of dedicated US phone numbers through VoIP / IP phones. Ensuring all workstations of resources equipped with conferencing tools like Skype, WebEx and video conferencing tools
* Performance Reporting – collecting and distributing performance information. This includes Status Reporting, Progress Measurement and Forecasting.

What is the Best Mode of Communication to reach you?

We strongly recommend all our clients to communicate with assigned Product Owner via their Skype or IM chat or email ID. There is also a US number to reach directly with your point of contact.

How can I monitor my Project Development Progress and Control them?

Once project commences, we shall provide access in Pivotal Tracker (Project Management Tool) and Slack (Communication Tool) for client to directly participate in the Project Discussion, View Use Cases, Download/Upload all relevant information to the project needs. Also, we shall provide regular status reports based on time sheets from our developers. Regular updates of schedule with specified current status provides excellent perspective of the state of project.


What are the tools that you use for development/design?

1) Pivotal tracker for use case management
2) Invision App for UI design and collaboration
3) Slack for communication
4) CI and CD tools for deployment
5) Worksnap for resource management

What are the coding standard followed? Can I define the coding standards we follow on your developers?

We have our internal coding standards and unit testing guidelines. Also, in case if you need our team to redefine the coding standards, we can do it.

What shall be the deliverables and actions from my (the client) end?

* Assign tasks and validate deliverables
* Escalate issues at appropriate level
* Validate road-map at regular intervals
* Service review and provide feedback
* Assist in new hires on need basis (interview/deployment etc.)
* Assist during resource performance appraisal sessions with feedbacks.

How do you handle Change Request and Changes in Project Scope?

We have an efficient change management procedure for the projects. For ongoing minor changes in the running project, the changes are communicated to the project manager concerned, who gets them executed. If the changes are significant and can greatly add to the work-load that has been estimated at the beginning of the project, then we refine the scope and submit the revised quote for client acceptance.

What Development Methodology do you follow for the projects?

We follow Agile development methodology with iterative releases and sprint based planning.

Testing and QA

What testing methodology is followed in the project? Will the application performance and load balancing shall be verified in the QA process?

Our QA and Testing Team works from Use Case for preparing Performance and Functionality Test cases. Load tests are conducted when needed.

The projects during various stages of design and development undergo quality checks by team of quality controllers and internal testers to ensure client receive their specified solutions.

Do you provide Post-Development Maintenance and Support?

We shall provide free maintenance and support all our development application for the period of 60 days. This generally includes bug-tracking and fixing.

How do you perform Software Testing, Verification and Quality Assurance Services for my application?

We perform Quality Assurance process for the projects via the process such as System Testing, Functionality and Feature Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Web Software Testing, Compatibility Testing on Various Platforms, Load and Performance Testing, Test Case Preparations, Execution of Test Cases, Reporting, etc.

Can I be confident on the quality and reliability of my application?

We do everything to ensure our customer satisfaction. The goal of our company is to build customized software applications and management information systems that meet the highest standards of quality.

Post Development

Do you provide training along with supporting document such as technical specification document, user manual, etc. for managing the developed application?

We shall provide training through Skype or TeamViewer and walkthrough the application along with web backend.

How secure is my application from Hackers and Spammers?

We shall develop the secured application by incorporating firewall, security standards, robust Admin console, login security, etc.

After project launch, who shall be the application owner? Shall I get the source code and application credentials?

We shall transfer the project files using the Internet. Customer shall own copyright on product as whole. The customer decides to sell the product as a whole, new owner will then be copyright owner of product