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SMAC & Millennials

– The perfect combo!!!

What’s so unique about Millennials?

  • Millennials are born between 1977 to 2000
  • Make up 25% of the US population and about 41% of the Indian population are under 20
  • Millennials make up of 21% consumer discretionary purchases which are estimated to be over a trillion dollar in direct buying power and a huge influence on older generations
  • Millennials are 2.5X more likely to be an early adopter of technology than other generations
  • 56% of Millennials report they are usually either one of the very first to try new technology or are among the first group to try a new technology
  • 40% want to participate in co-creation of products and brands
  • 70% feel a responsibility to share feedback with companies after a good or bad experience

*** Source: Goldman Sachs


JavaScript Programming – Technology of Millennials

JavaScript, the full-fledged dynamic programming language usually embedded in the header of web pages. It enhances the dynamics and interactive features of page. JavaScript is entering a completely new and exciting cycle of evolution, innovation and standardization, with new developments, allowing us to use JavaScript on the server-side and this accelerates building fast, robust and scalable web applications that works well with mobile browsers.

JS is touted to be the emerging technology trend for the past few years and OptiSol is leaping forward with this wave and has incorporated and leveraged the advantages from JS frameworks. OptiSol has been building web applications using conventional MVC frameworks along with JS and has also built web apps purely on JS stack using MEAN.

JS programming has a right fitment with digitalization and technology consumerization strategy for the millennials. The JS frameworks aids in building applications that are rich, thin, fast and scalable. It quickly connects with the technology buyer behavior of millennials.


OptiSol has immense experience and excellent portfolio using “Millennial Technologies”


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