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Laravel Framework

Laravel MVC framework offers a robust set of tools and application architecture through bundles, migrations and Artisan CLI.

Features of Laravel Framework
  • Laravel, the most popular open source PHP web application framework: With Laravel, we can development of reliable and secure web applications. The framework follows model-view-controller (MVC) architectural pattern which makes it easier to use, modular packaging and elegance.
  • Hassle Free Coding: As the developer, we find it easy to develop service using Laravel due to its high readability and rich-features. Also the problems of hectic coding can be overcome with trouble-free syntax.
  • Security: Laravel takes care of the security within its framework for the application.
  • Time Saving: Modularity is built in via “bundles”, making it really easy to drop in/reuse code across application and helps in saving lot of time
  • Database Mapping: Eloquent ORM is a simple, super-fast ORM that makes working with database relations easy
  • Configurable and Extendable: We can set up application with the folder structure the way we need and works best for us. Makes it easy for customization, migration and configuration of tasks.
  • Rich Add-ons: Full control with no restriction as you can do anything. Comes with numerous bundled features for easy addition to applications.
  • API Integrations: Good inbuilt API for all types applications. Creates custom websites with unique functionalities.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to change code as the code does not depends upon the third party
  • 200+ Web Apps

  • 30+ Mobile Apps on Store

  • 100+ Smart Employees

  • 100+ Satisfied Clients

  • 5 Global Locations

  • 8 Years in Business

Our Expertise with Laravel

OptiSol has pioneered many implementations with Laravel and the results have been remarkable. We have built about 10+ applications on Laravel framework. We have been recommending Laravel framework for our clientele when it comes to robust application architecture. Our resources have excellent expertise in the Laravel framework with hands on experience in coding and development..

We have an excellent portfolio of Laravel based implementations and you can view them in our portfolio section as well. We have implemented some of the applications with SLA from browser response time of less than 2 seconds. We have implemented applications across business platforms like social networking, eCommerce, business process management, CRM, directory listing services etc.

Recent Portfolio

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    Filtered Water Solutions

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    Restaurant deals – My Thin Dish

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    Rusted Desert

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    Nabinti SaaS

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    Magnetic Aids Inc.

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    Green Business Network

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    Tattoos near me

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    International Management Consultancy

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    Government of Botswana

  • farmer-health

    Farmer Health

Why Optisol

  • A Social –
  • Mobile –
  • Analytics –
  • Cloud Company


One-stop Technology solution provider

Competitive Pricing

Leverage our proven onsite-offshore framework

Agile Methodology

Execution transparency & Process Excellence

Resource Expertise

Concept to Commercialization

About us

OptiSol started as a privately held, Limited Liability Company incorporated in Chennai, India in the year 2006 with the envision to act as a reliable outsourcing services partner provides optimized business solutions with delivery excellence for startup, small and Mid-size enterprises. It was founded by a group of professionals with more than 100 combined man years of experience in IT Offshoring and Outsourcing.

And today, OptiSol has about 90+ smart professionals working at our office locations in India (Chennai and Madurai), Singapore, UAE, Australia and USA (Ohio and Texas). OptiSol has an excellent portfolio and client references across the geography.

As experts in Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud (SMAC) solution platform, we transform our client needs to span across the breadth and width of various technologies and platforms. We are equipped with creative engagement models and operations framework that suits the outsourcing needs from all gamut of customers – a startup, Independent Software Vendor (ISV), small/mid-size companies and Enterprises.

We are Agile

Optigile – Agile Development methodlogy tailored to meet our customer specific requirements


Requirement analysis sessions. Use cases and User stories Walk through and Sign off on the requirements


Create wireframes, Graphic Designs & Click through prototype


Create iteration plan, Weekly iterative releases Testing and Product release


Optimization and analytics with Maintenance and support