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Our Engagement Approach

Flexible engagement options on a proven On-site Offshore framework

Adherence to client, development methodology and tools. Rigid NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) and data security practices.

Time and Material (T&M) Engagement

You can hire resources on time and material basis. The resources will submit time sheets for expending effort and invoice will be raised against that. The effort will be against the estimated and agreed hours.

Dedicated Resource Model (Virtual team)

With this model, you can hire resources as your virtual offshore team. The resources will be completely dedicated and you can manage them directly. We will provide necessary management and Quality Assurance support at free of cost. We will provide necessary infrastructure for the resources and they will be on our payroll.

Project turnkey

This will be pure project engagement where we will share the estimates based on your requirements. We will execute and deliver the project once the estimates are approved. You will own the software code and rights and we will provide our services in the pure black label.

Key Benefits of Our Model

  • As a company, we have the portfolio to validate, references to crosscheck and branding across the web for conformance
  • We have established development and quality assurance methodology with the in-house testing team
  • You will get long term support and availability for future road map
  • Diverse workforce to meet your emerging requirements at later stages like UI redesign, integration services etc.
  • Manage spikes in your resource requirement with a virtual offshore team at a cheaper cost